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Food Safety and Trust


ur products are developed with dedication, commitment and quality, so our products can have presence not only in Mexico but also in the North America, Asia and Europe. We currently export to Japan and Korea.


The production plant is certified by SAGARPA with the TIF(Federal Inspection Type) 67 seal, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points) Certification and the "Mexico Calidad Suprema" certification.


We have the Capacity to satisfy your everyday need

Through a specialized process for each area, we can make a variety of products while staying within world class standards. Furthermore, we control the complete chain of production process in our own facilities and the livestock feed, our processing plant and the always-on-time delivery is made with our own logistics equipment to the different ports in Mexico and USA.


Transport and Logistics

Our transport area has completely committed personal and modern company trucks that meet the highest standards of quality and bio-safety.

Due to the excellent conditions of the vehicles and the auditable transport processes, this area has been certified by the "Establishment Certification Organization TIF, AC" for the use of the "Mexico Calidad Suprema" official brand.

Whatever your needs may be, be assured that with Soles we can adapt to you in any way, and can offer first-level products that surpasses your demands.